“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”
– GRR MartinI’ve realized I’ve developed a strange ritual for using things I buy. I’m very excited when I’ve made the purchase, which I follow with a phase of building anticipation before I start to use it. Everyday (or periodically during the day) I’ll look at whatever it is and look forward to opening the packaging. When I can’t take it anymore, I tear through the packing and hop around gleefully. A week of joy follows in which time I manage to get used to whatever it is.The next stage of enthusiasm develops when something is about to run out. I get myself in a whirl over what I liked, disliked and research potential substitutes. I wait impatiently for the tube to empty or the pages to run out or whatever the appropriate conclusion is to happen already so I can move on to the next thing. Throwing away an empty jar/bottle/can or stowing away a full notebook comes with such a (completely misplaced) sense of achievement.

It’s not easy though. Waiting for the last dregs of hair serum, smidge of body butter in the jar, drops of oil in the bottle to be used up while shiny, new thingamajigs languish in a drawer. But that’s the rule. You have to finish what you’ve started before you move on to the next thing. So I’ll wait. Wait and try to be patient, because whether good or bad, there’s something new on the way.

I feel that way about the summer right now. The next 3 months are my favourite in the year. There will be birthdays, parties, holidays, decorations, occasions to dress up and lovely weather… but I’m waiting. For the last few days of this summer to wrap up. Before we start pulling out sweaters and getting blouses made, here’s a look back at my favourite moments on the blog this summer:

1. No self respecting Indian food blogger should talk about the summer without talking about mangoes. These mango recipes were so much fun (and so easy)!

2. Reviewing some of the restaurants I love – Yeti, Carnatic Café, Yum Yum Tree and Ploof. These are places I go to all the time and am sure will be visiting again in the winter. Writing about places I like is so much more enjoyable than ranting about the ones that disappoint me.
Pecan Pie at Ploof
3. Finally cracking the recipe for good hummus! This was quite the personal cooking milestone!
4. Discovering that you can get haleem delivered from Hyderabad to your doorstep! Still can’t wrap my head around it!
5. Putting together the first Reluctant Chef guide! The whole process of compiling (and consuming) this cheese platter was a labour of love pulled together on a gorgeous, rainy weekend.
Okay now hurry up and be winter already.