The ladies behind the restaurant Zaffiro have moved out and started Zaffiro Kitchen, a weekday lunch service.
The Food

Unlike other delivery services Zaffiro has a set menu (serving vegetarian and non vegetarian versions of each dish) for the week. I tried Monday’s Exotic Mexican Burrito Wrap (vegetarian) and Friday’s Zaffiro Special Triple Decker Club Sandwich (with chicken and egg). The Burrito Wrap is generously filled with refried beans, sour cream and tomato relish, a rich and creamy mix nicely wrapped in soft tortilla though just a little bit bland. The Club Sandwich is a whopper, three layers of sandwich bread bursting with grilled vegetables, chicken and egg cut into quarters. The meals, though just one item are portioned to make for a satisfying lunch.

They’ve recently expanded the menu to include fun sandwiches (I love the Tuna and Peppers, Rosemary Potato and the Classic Club) and some very summer appropriate salads (<3 the Greek Style Yoghurt with Macerated Fruits, Dry Fruits and Muesli).

Packing and Paraphernalia

The food comes neatly packed in a pleasant brown cardboard box. Since deliveries here are geared towards providing working lunches for office goers in the Okhla area I wish they’d provide condiments – ketchup/mustard/salt/pepper and a few paper napkins would have been very helpful.

The only hiccup is that the food takes a while to arrive and my office is not more than 15 minutes away. Unfortunately a working lunch is rarely so flexible that it can be rescheduled for an hour later and each time I’ve ordered from Zaffiro Kitchen I’ve had to eat at my desk.

Zaffiro’s food isn’t bad at all and the quality of the ingredients stands out but they need to fix their delivery logistics if they want more customers.