Being fundamentally very lazy I’m always on the lookout for new delivery places around my home/ office and was very excited when Rossa ASAP! opened up in GK-2. I’m a fan of the sister restaurant in Hauz Khas Village and placed my order with high expectations.
The Food

The Pepperoni Pizza with Black Olives and Parmesan was a disappointment, the crust and cheese baked till all life and flavor had been dried out, the olives few and far in between. The Barbecue Chicken Sausages were a little better but arrived cold and could have used more barbecue sauce or seasoning. The Garlic Bread with Cheese is good but hardly exceptional.

The Pesto Chicken Sandwich is very good, the soft chicken morsels set off with punchy pesto. I personally love the Arrabiatta which comes generously swathed in tomato sauce, bursting with oregano. If you’re being indulgent order the incredible Arancini, a dish I hadn’t seen before. It’s basically creamy risotto and mozzarella rolled up into a bite size ball and crumb fried. Served with a tangy, mayo based dip this is a happy little mouthful of joy, rice and cheese.

Packing and Paraphernalia

The establishment has their packaging and delivery down pat. All the food is perfectly packed and usually delivered within 40 minutes. If you’re looking for a place to order in from then Rossa’s Italian offers a little more pizzazz than the usual mass manufacture pizza joints. Sometimes the food slips and it’s surprising that for a pizzeria the pizza was the weakest dish on the menu but all in all the food and the prices are worth it for nothing other than the fact that it gives you some options.