There are days when my brother and I have a shared love for junk food that takes over but we’re too lazy to go out and feed it. I’ve discovered most of the delivery places around Khan on days like this. I’ve managed to try Mamagoto, Zaitoon, Rollmaal, Swagath and Slice of Italy so far. Helpfully adding to the list is Dish Dash.
The Food

The menu is a collection of standard working lunch fare including easy to manage rolls, sandwiches and burgers. The rolls and sandwiches are light and have a functional, homemade feel to them. If you’re in the mood for something more elaborate order the incredibly fluffy pancakes! Completely unexpected and completely delightful!

Packing and Paraphernalia

The delivery is pretty efficient and the food came neatly packed in white cartons with condiments. A good choice for when you’re looking for a simple snack or a stack of pancakes to tide you over a bad day.

Oh, but one strange thing, they’re shut on Sundays.

Check out their menu and contact details here: http://dishdash.in/