I’m sorry I took a picture of my camera but I think it’s so pretty.

3 bakeries that grew to icons in Mumbai, Le 15 has 4 outlets in the city, Sweetish House Mafia has 8 and Theobroma rules the baked roost with 14. Interestingly, their success seems proportional to their quality –

Number 3: Le 15 Patisserie, Pali Hill: A very sweet girl helped me out with my order and these mini cupcakes are one of the best I’ve eaten in Bombay so far. Unfortunately the place is so small and fraying about the edges that I’d only order in. A cafe can be so much more than the baked goods served in it but this one isn’t.

Number 2: Sweetish House Mafia, Pali Hill: Sometimes its bewildering to me that we live in a world where a cafe can sustain itself on 3 kinds of cookies and okay coffee. But these are incredible times. And the cookies in question are amazing lovingly baked cookies worthy of comparison to any elaborate dessert. They also deliver home.

Number 1: Theobroma, Linking Road: The mutton puffs are to die for. I once ordered and ate 2.5 of them for breakfast and the remaining .5 for lunch. I didn’t enjoy a generic chocolate mousse pot thing I ordered from them but that was poor ordering on my part. The creamy jar was too sweet for my taste but they had clearly used good quality chocolate.