When I first moved to Delhi in November 2011 I couldn’t understand why the city was so amped up. Everyone was eating, travelling, partying frantically, desperately as if everything was going to be taken away from them and soon. Then the Delhi summer reared its ugly head. Now I understand that fear, the knowledge that this pretty balcony you’re sitting in today in HKV will turn into a dusty inferno.

Before the weather started to feel like the center of a volcano I did a quick lap around Chandni Chowk to take some photos. I have lots but I figure the spice market photos are most relevant for this blog:



Don’t skip off to the Spice Market if you have asthma issues – the whole lane is hazy with the smell of powdered something or the other flying around. Best to wrap a handkerchief around your nose and wear sunglasses but then you’ll look even more like you don’t belong. It’s a very rock and a hard place choice.