For the love of brunch
If you follow this blog you know I’m a complete brunch junkie. I love the Sunday brunch at Olive and it’s been my favourite so far. Unfortunately a significant chunk of its charm is lost in the Delhi summer. I enjoyed my experience at Cheri very much but I understand their chef has left. So I was running low on options and I don’t like not knowing where to brunch. It stresses me out.Thanks to a new project I’m working and my discerning partners in this enterprise I was introduced a few weeks ago to the Yum Yum Tree brunch and my quest has come to an end. For now.

 Looks Like
Yum Yum Tree is deceptively large with its separate dining, bar and sushi conveyor belt sections. The gilted kitsch look is a bit over the top for me but the place is still very presentable. I like the area with the sushi conveyor belt the best since its less stuffy than the formal dining area and looks out on a spacious green balcony. The bar is quite elegant but the dark walls can feel a little oppressive during the day.
Tastes Like
One of my biggest issues with all the new restaurants mushrooming across the city is how little thought the owners put into their establishments. Yum Yum Tree is not one of these restaurants and it undertakes the difficult task of serving up quality sushi and sashimi in India with considerable grace.The a la carte can be quite expensive but their weekday and Sunday brunches are a wonderful demonstration of the best Yum Yum Tree can offer at not such expensive prices. I particularly like that the spread offered is a generous but balanced combination of carefully crafted sushi, light salads and excellent dim sum allowing you to eat (relatively) uninhibitedly without being tortured with regret for the rest of the week.

My favourites are the Spicy Salmon In & Out Rolls, Prawn Tempura Rolls, Salted and Steamed Edamame. The best way to go is to order one of everything, find what you like and then repeat your favourites. From the dumplings, I really like the moist Pink Crab Dumplings with Garlic and Pepper, the juicy Spicy Basil Chicken Sui Mai, the crunch in the Spicy Water Chestnut Dumplings and the delicate sweetness of the Baked Vegetarian Puffs.

If you’re up for a boozy brunch you can top yourself up with a varied and well made lot of martinis, Kir Royale or Prosecco. They have mains also but I’ve never managed to save the appetite to get to them. I have it on good authority that the Barbecue Pork Spared Ribs are very good. For dessert, they serve you mini portions which is very appropriate, the Tiramisu with Kahlua and Mascarpone, Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake with Crème Anglaise and Cappuccino Ice Cream are all very well made. The Mango with Sticky Rice doesn’t really work out as well though.

Feels Like
The service is helpful and not at all stingy, bringing us plates of sushi and dumplings before we could finish what we had in front of us. The manager was particularly helpful, recommending flavours of ice cream and getting us an extra plateful even after we’d paid our bill. A courtesy many much more expensive restaurants will not afford you.