For some of that amazing Bangalore breeze
I really enjoy the ride down 100 ft Road – it’s a straight, long, tree lined road with lots of buzzy, bright restaurants. I’ll probably never get the chance to eat my way down the street but I’m delighted with each new place I get to try and the old favorites I’ve had memorable meals at.

If you’ve read my earlier reviews, you know I ‘m partial to rooftops and balconies. I spend so much of my life in a cubicle that every moment spent out in fresh air is precious. Unfortunately, Delhi’s weather ensures that the outdoors is only habitable for about four months in a year. When I land in Bangalore, having just escaped the bitter cold or grueling heat (as applicable) I immediately promise to move to the city for good. I doubt I will but Bangalore will always be my favorite Indian city for al fresco dining. A cup of coffee is better with a gentle breeze, the food more delicious when the sun is trailing gentle patterns on your skin and the beer more fun under a bright blue sky.

Looks Like

We have places like The Hummingtree in Delhi – minimalistic, industrial grunge influenced spaces with a few pops of quirk and color but we don’t tend to have the luxury of space that Bangalore affords.

Tastes Like

The menu is a medley of non controversial American and European food, including pizza, pasta and smoothies. The Fusili with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes was heavily Indianized but delicious. The vaguely oriental Lemongrass Grilled Chicken Salad was excellent, with the crunchy lettuce and julienned red cabbage providing support to tender bits of grilled chicken, all generously doused in a coat of sesame seeds and tangy dressing. Also, fantastic was the impossibly soft and buttery French Toast with bananas and cinnamon.

Feels Like

The service wasn’t particularly prompt and they missed part of our order but if you go on a pretty day with an old friend or for a gig with a loud gaggle of people you won’t mind.