I’ve decided to abandon my ‘looks like,’ ‘tastes like,’ format for places like New Lighthouse. It’s impossible to pigeonhole their charm. With fifteen minutes to catch my ferry to Havelock Island, I’m absolutely starving. I stopped my cab guy at the first restaurant with people in it.

Abutting the Andaman Aquarium (which is unfortunately under renovation) the place is nothing but a few pillars and a tin roof. Since it’s so close to the sea, this is the best interior design strategy. Not to have any real interiors. Only a fresh sea breeze.

The steaming hot bed of biryani rice hides fiery red prawns. Along with, I’m given a splash of slightly sour home made curd. Perfectly tangy in a way that a tetra pack can never be. I’m going to finish my fresh lime soda and make a dash to the ferry with a smile on my face.

Written in May 2016