For when you’re trying to make an impression and don’t have an appetite
I was scrounging for recommendations for a pre-wedding lunch and EVERYONE said I must try N Grill. So I did.
Looks Like
My compliments to the interior designer. The interiors are an exciting melding of high ceiling-ed, chandeliered warehouse chic with well chosen dabs of warm wood accents to keep things cosy. The table placement is generous giving each table enough room to spread out comfortably. The outdoor area is a highlight with lots of green and unexpected South east Asian statue figures is uber zen stylish.
The greatest accomplishment of this designer is exercising restraint in embellishment to allow this restaurant to do triple duty as bar, brunch spot and party venue.
Tastes Like

Unfortunately this restraint doesn’t translate to the menu which is a mish mash of cuisines. Gnocchi, risottos, grills, salads, south east Asian tidbits and even a New Orleans Blackened Fish compete for your attention. Due to the nature of our experience we didn’t end up ordering main course but the Figs and Cheese (Wine Soaked Dried Figs tossed with Pesto Marinated Buffalo Mozzarella) was to die for. A dainty, pretty bite sized appetizer.

We paired these with refreshing Tender Coconut Martinis, light and adorably contained in a coconut. I wish our meal had ended here though. The subsequent Caprioska was pale and lusterless as were the Chilli and Lychee Martinis.
The rest of our time was an unfortunate, antagonistic tango where we ordered things, were disappointed, returned whatever it was and got a replacement which we were too tired to complain about.
We asked for a Mezze Platter (Pita, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Cucumber Garlic Yogurt, Falafel and Roasted Peppers) thinking our more adventurous choices might be the problem and a safer option might pan out. This strategy did not work either. The mezze was the most mediocre I have ever had. Dry store bought pita with not enough hummus and a collection of insipid dips.
We didn’t have the heart to try again with a main course so we shifted to dessert. The Tres Leche (Angel Food Cake with Three Milk and Hazelnut Sauce) was sponge cake in sweet milk with Nutella. The Trio of Brulee was so awful it (also) had to be sent back – crusty, dry, bitter and chemically tasting this was an unacceptable offering from a restaurant of this kind. As my boss once said there has to be a standard you can’t let yourself fall below. NA Grill you’re better than this.

The tango started again and our Trio of Brulee was replaced with a Pannacotta with Berry Coulee, clearly a star dessert, we saw many other tables ordering it. Skimpy with the coulee and too sweet for my taste but the Pannacotta did come in a sunshine golden cage of spun sugar that was a nice touch.
 Feels Like
The staff was very helpful and duly apologetic about the disasters the kitchen and bar were so regularly churning out but without support from the kitchen, no amount of niceness from the staff is going to help keep the place afloat.


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