For the view of it all


This blog is irrelevant. I know this even better now than I ordinarily do because despite the hundreds of thousands of words I have scribbled, typed and posted, places like Mia Bella are still opening up.


Looks Like

Where do I even begin? I think the owners had some sort of vague idea, perhaps based on a bar or a restaurant they saw in a magazine or on holiday, which they’ve decided to half assedly implement in Hauz Khas Village, a village of many such half assed endeavours.
The walls are a bright mash of colors with some very amateur murals. The furniture is oddly high and placed uncoordinatedly over the space. The bar is an eyesore. Clearly nobody here is a details person, a charming wooden boat has been flung way above eye level over an exposed air conditioning unit. There’s a DJ console on the side from which wires are sticking out and bits of board are falling off.
The only thing really working for Mia Bella is the view but frankly there are lots of places in HKV looking out on to the lake and I’d rather go to Dzukou and pair an amazing view with great food and an ambience that didn’t feel like it was trying so hard.


Tastes Like
God knows. I’d gone with every intention to eat at Mia Bella but I couldn’t bring myself to once I got there. The menu is a strange mangle of Indian kebab style food, not very authentic sounding Italian and a totally misplaced street food of the world section. Each of which by itself might have worked. All of it together just seems like a mess.
On Wednesdays, they offer free cocktails to women – the Caprioska was well made but the Cosmopolitan, sickly, sweet and overpowered with syrup. The lure of free alcohol on the pretty balcony may bring me back to Mia Bella but that’s just because I’m cheap and usually broke.
It’s not that the place is really bad. It’s just why would you bother with something so mediocre? Save your money – if you want to get a drink, there are so many places with more soul. If you’re looking for food, you’ll get so much better for so much less. Don’t waste your time.
Feels Like
One Wednesday night the place was full up with young, drunken girls. All my single male friends: you know where to go if you’re free on Wednesday. But only the very young or totally without discernment would be able to spend much time here.
My favorite thing in the place.