For when you really want South East Asian Food and don’t mind waiting
I’ve found people have strong opinions about Mamagoto. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it myself. Unlike most places I’ve written about I’ve been to Mamagoto a bunch of times and it’s not easy to average out the experience for the review. The first time I went was for an office lunch and everyone had ordered one main course dish – we ended up with so much food to spare that a teammate doggy bagged 2 sacks full for the rest of the office. On the other hand we had food packed to go for my brother’s birthday and the portions were so measly we needed to order a pizza after.With Mamagoto, I never know what to expect.

Looks Like
Mamagoto has a playful, family friendly theme and the decorator has used bright colors and manga style imagery artfully. The balcony upstairs is charming but can get a little crowded. If you’re sitting upstairs, be careful of the rickety two seater tables which tend to collapse on you while you’re seated.
 Tastes Like
Mamagoto does a great Thai Green Curry – I’ve ordered it a bunch of times and it is worth going to Mamagoto for the curry alone. Their very filling Lamb Teriyaki in a Bowl and the peanut-y Penang Street Vendor’s Curry are also delicious. Generously proportioned and alive with the flavours of lemon, peanut and kaffir lime. Another recommendation is the Bacon Wrapped Prawns with its sweet sticky sauce – though I can’t make this recommendation without mentioning the time they forgot to devein the prawns they served us. Now I check each prawn but I guess it means something if I’m still ordering the dish.

Their Steamed Fish Fillet was a disappointment – insipid and bland. As was a lamb, rice and wonton dish that was part of their winter menu. When we complained, the waiter brought us a bowl of schezwan sauce to try to drown the soggy lamb. Just plain embarrassing.

The drinks are a mixed bag, the Cranberry with Kaffir Lime Leaves is upbeat with a generous helping of Kaffir Lime. On the other hand their Green Apple Mojito is amateur and sick with too many chemical syrups.

There’s a short list of dessert options of which the Coconut Ice Cream never seems to be available. The chocolate cake is not too sweet in a good way but not exceptional either.

Feels Like


The staff is not rude but they are spectacularly inattentive. The order process and food delivery is very slow. Particularly aggravating is the waiters standing in corners avoiding eye contact – since the restaurant belongs to a chain and isn’t particularly cheap I’m surprised at the quality of service being doled out.