For helping ease airport angst

I keep track of airports. They drive me nuts and the only way I can think of dealing with them is to minimize the time I spend there. I prefer the tiny airports we had earlier, where you could walk up to your plane and climb into it but thanks to Messrs. GVK and GMR those are becoming harder to come by these days. Of the renovated leviathans my preferences in order of decreasing fondness are:

1. Hyderabad
2. Terminal 3, New Delhi
3. Bangalore
4. Terminal 1, New Delhi

and last and definitely least, Mumbai. That airport is an absolute hole.

I find myself most often at Terminal 1, New Delhi and while the infrastructure is sound it has absolutely no enjoyable places to eat. The restaurants are sub-par and the food court soul destroying. I’ve seen better options in B grade malls in B towns. Which is why I was so excited to see the shiny, stylish Malgudi at BIAL.

Looks Like

Considering the confines of airport décor Malgudi does an excellent job of appearing glossy with tasteful south Indian accents, as would be appropriate for an establishment serving this cuisine.

Tastes Like

Since this was to be my last meal in Bangalore, I decided to pull out all the calorific stops.

I love that a meal here starts with a complimentary shot of rasam. This should be made compulsory at all restaurants serving south Indian food.

The Mutton Sukka (dry mutton) exploded like curry leaf flavored fireworks on the tongue – chunks of tender, boneless mutton doused and battered with a slew of south Indian spices. This dish mandated the ordering of Majjige (buttermilk) which was thinner and less seasoned than what I’m used to but I didn’t have time to complain as the Mutton Sukka seared into my tongue. Refusing to learn my lesson I ordered the Ila Set Dosa, slightly sweet but also with the tinge of sour fermented batter brings paired with a fiery, wham-bam-pow Chicken Chettinad. This is the kind of chicken I want to eat with a fat heap of rice and a drizzle of ghee ever Sunday afternoon and follow the meal up with a 2 hour nap. I’d have liked to try the Payasam but had already eaten 2 people’s worth of lunch.

Feels Like
Service was prompt and pleasant. A wonderful way to tuck in one last (mostly) authentic south Indian meal before flying out of Bangalore.