For some really indulgent Italian
 I hate shopping malls. I find it impossible to believe that anything good can happen inside a giant, concrete block that has no natural light. The rows of gleaming, shiny stores with loud dance music blasting out of them makes me nauseous. So I still try to go to markets which are open plan and eat at stand alone restaurants. Malls didn’t have very many interesting eating options earlier so there wasn’t any need to visit the soul sucking holes at all. Unfortunately increasingly people are insisting on opening promising establishments in these potholes. La Tagliatella is one of them.

It’s horrible to even think about but the next time I’m craving Italian food I might have to go to Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj.

Looks Like

The décor is run of the mill and not particularly committed to any particular kind of ambience or style. There really isn’t much more to say but what can you expect from a restaurant in a mall, anyway.

 Tastes Like


I made the mistake of turning up at La Tagliatella very, very hungry and so ordered way too much really good, really heavy food. Maybe gluttony is the sin I’m best suited for. Unfortunately, I don’t regret it at all.

The restaurant charges for its bread basket and if you’re a fellow carb lover you can’t miss this. Strips of bread dotted with chunks of olives, tomatoes and slivers of onion. Served with a splatter of different oils and vinegars, I could probably put away 2 of these all by myself. Try also their calzones, which are very different from the folded over, stuffed pastry shells I’m used to. They’re actually very, very thin crust, crispy bases topped with cheese, meat and vegetables. If you have a taste for truffles, I recommend the pungent Tartufo E Funghi (Black Truffles Cream, Mushrooms and Assorted Cheeses) – overflowing with flavorful cheese and the unapologetic aroma of black truffles.

For meat lovers, the Sorrentino (Pasta stuffed with Parmigiano cheese, Iberian ham and sausage) with walnuts and gorgonzola cheese is unique. Soft pillows of pasta and meat punctuated with the crunch of nuts and the tang of cheese. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.


La Tagliatella is seriously decadent, creamy Italian cooking and though you could probably pick through the salads and lighter pastas, I’d recommend you go with a raging appetite and unabashedly make your way through the menu that has so much to offer.


Feels Like

The service is standard but the La Tagliatella menu is quite complex and the staff isn’t trained enough to be of much help. The restaurant really needs to work on this so their patrons can make the right choices.