For a waste of time and money


I want to start this review by pointing out that Zomato gives this place a 3.9 rating.


Next to the Saravana Bhawan on CP’s outer circle , the bones of this old building are pretty exciting. The ceiling goes from about 30 feet to 7 in places, with the right interior decorator this place could have been really interesting. But without any windows or original thought the place is pretty but dingy. The cavernous interiors are probably better suited for a club.


I dragged an old friend to Kinbuck 2 because Zomato said it was the only restaurant in Delhi serving Romanian food. My friends will tell you that this kind of bizarre is right up my alley.

The Romanian section of the menu is elaborate but the descriptions aren’t particularly clarifying. The waiters got antsy when I insisted I wanted to order something Romanian, beseeching us to stick to the Chilli Paneer. Not easily discourageD, I ordered the Frigui (what the menu describes as Romanian kebabs) and the Tequila Lime Shrimp.

I’m not sure why the waiters were so worried. The Frigui tastes like kebabs. My only issue was that it was served cold but otherwise… just like any plain old kebabs you’d get on any street corner in Delhi. The Tequila Lime Shrimp was also cold and could have used some more lime but came with an elaborate bread basket. I dropped the shrimp and dove into the cart of carbs instead.

Tired of my experiments my friend gave up and ordered the much vaunted Chilli Paneer. It’s the Chilli Paneer you get in every dive bar in Delhi.

Fed up, my companion turned to his LIIT for comfort and didn’t find it. The menu also has North Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chettinad, Chinese and Lebanese food but my friend was looking close to tears so we bounced out.


The staff was unable to help us decipher the Romanian menu and the service was slow.

All in all, Kinbuck 2 is mundane and uninspiring. Saravana next door has better food and Monkey Bar around the corner better cocktails.