For deconstructing your appetite
I know it’s faddish and I should know better but I’m a big fan of molecular gastronomy. I know the movement jumped the shark and is now so passé that to refer to it fondly is to declare yourself irretrievably gauche but the heart wants what the heart wants.

I’ve been wanting to go to Caperberry since I first heard of its opening years ago but kept missing it when I happened to be in Bangalore.

Looks Like

The space is tiny but charming with a sort of antiqued patina. The pale blue color scheme is unusual but soothing and the warm lighting sets a romantic but formal tone.

 Tastes Like

I ordered way too much but have few regrets.

The Amuse Bouche of the Day (Cheddar with Mango, Cranberry and Lychee) was a gentle wave of sweet fruit followed by a tornado of strong, flavorful cheese. The Chicken and Mozzarella Involtini was a little confused and the over spiced, tikka-esque, chicken drowned out the mozzarella. On the other hand, the Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Roulade blew my mind with the soft flesh of the salmon melting into the pungent goat cheese and finally bursting with the crunch of precious caviar. In an ironic twist, Caperberry’s Lamb Filo Tartlets irrevocably prove that no quantity of presentation or pretension can ever compete with the near religious fervor inspired by spicy meat filled into a buttery, flakey tart shell.

The Imitation Carpaccio is a dish that will now define summer in my head, the compressed watermelon, mint caviar, balsamic jelly, parmesan, arugula, chrysanthemum and micro greens are fabulously refreshing. In the mains the Duck Empredat was the most perfectly cooked duck I’ve ever had, the meat so tender and acquiescing it would slide off the bone and on to my fork without the slightest resistance.

Word of advice, avoid the frankly, quite ordinary cocktails to focus on the excellent food. The Blush Sangria was wishy washy and the Cryo Long Island (with Liquid Nitrogen) was absolutely noxious.

Feels Like

We were terrible customers. We turned up late, added guests to our table after last order and were easily the loudest in the room. The staff though was incredibly pleasant and accommodating. Our server made very useful suggestions to help us navigate the hard core menu.

The restaurant is teeny tiny so it’s probably safest to make a reservation.