BB Watermelon Salad


If you spend your day in or around Defence Colony and need to eat out often, Bonne Bouche makes for a reliable meal option. They also deliver.

Looks Like

The restaurant is pleasant, if not slightly typical in its cheer. I’d recommend getting a table on the roof top which has a cozy, worn in feel to it.

Tastes Like

I like all their salads. And I mean all.

The recipes are simple, the produce fresh and the salads light and happy. The Chicken Francese (skinless chicken cooked in white wine lemon sauce)  is well cooked and the sauce is lemony and zingy.

Also good are their pizzas, I recommend the Spinaci E Formaggia (bell peppers, spinach, feta cheese and roasted garlic) and Con Proscuitto (parma ham, parmesan and rocket leaves). Their Arrabiatta was a bit of a disappointment though. The dish more closely resembled a chatpata Punjabi snack than an Italian main course.

They don’t always have dessert available but it’s worth checking to see if their Dark Chocolate Mousse infused with Myers’ Dark Rum is in stock.

Feels Like

The staff and home delivery is efficient and polite.

BB Interiors


*Photos courtesy of Bonne Bouche