For the wackiest shawarma (and the honey chilli potato)
I don’t know of any other eatery that’s so popular for just one dish. One singular snack is Al Bake’s hallmark. The Chicken Shawarma. Unlike other shawarmas the rolls here are slender, cut into tiny bites and made of a thin romali roti stuffed with spicy chicken mince. The unexpected accompaniment to this oddball interpretation of a shawarma is a generous dollop of creamy mayonnaise manufactured in-house. It doesn’t sound like much until you order it and realize you’ve inhaled a couple of rolls without bothering with niceties like chewing or breathing. These hot off the pan chicken parcels make for a satisfyingly soft, spicy bite. If you’re vegetarian, you can bask in the golden glory of Al Bake’s Honey Chilli Potatoes – crispy, sweet, spicy, and perfect. Forget Lays, and their idiotic new flavors, the phrase no one can eat just one fits Al Bake far better. They’ve got “Manchurian” and “Mughlai” on their menu but their hottest seller is the shawarma.

The place has no décor – it’s just a bunch of tables and chairs which in itself isn’t a problem but NFC Market is filthy so I wouldn’t blame you if you just wanted to order these in. They don’t store very well though so make sure you get them in your mouth asap. This won’t be hard.