I don’t know how to recommend these guys – I realize their website is desperately amateur and their facebook page is largely neglected but the chocolates they make are divine. This is not like every other plug for home made chocolates that proliferate lifestyle magazines and blogs these days. My favorites are the Dark English Chocolate, two layers of milk chocolate with a crispy, praline filling, studded all over with chunks of almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts and the equally perfect White English Chocolate and I’m not even a fan of white chocolate.These guys do a lot of corporate gifting and I first came across their confections last Diwali when I ate through half a box. They’re a little tough to get a hold of but if you’re overwhelmed by the crazy number of advertisements for chocolatiers these days, try Cocoa Tease. They are, in fact, incredible.

Try their website here ( or facebook page here (