For losing time

Pecos is the sort of dive bar fans and patrons embrace wholeheartedly, defending each atmospheric flaw, protective of each grimy detail. So why write a review of Pecos? Because often you don’t write for other people, often you’re writing for yourself, trying to fix a feeling down before it washes away in a flood of daily mundanities. Because not every review is really a “review” in the sense of being a compilation of merits and screw ups – some are just references to memories and experiences. And lastly, because there might be some poor sod who’s planning to go to Bangalore but hasn’t heard of Pecos. Unlikely, but a risk I’m not willing to take. So for all you dive bar enthusiasts, known more commonly as drunks, your journey through India isn’t complete if you haven’t been to Pecos. I obviously refer to the original establishment and not the hundred, shiney new versions that appear to have mushroomed all over Bangalore.

I first saw the place as a second year law student and remember it as an airy, laid back, cave sort of space. 8 years and a couple of extra coats of grime later, I realize it isn’t all that airy but time has only added to Pecos’ character. The Ghee Pork Roast is as explosive and the beer as watery as ever.

Time slows down inside Pecos and I feel myself grow calmer as I watch three college girls gossip and puff their way through a pack of Classic Milds. Over the course of the next couple of hours I see an elderly gentleman, a couple of couples and two guys bemoaning marriage walk in and settle down with their pitchers. The waiter smiles warmly as I ask for the bill.

As my friend said, “You could lose years here beautifully or lose beautiful years here.” 


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