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Dive bars are really hard to review because their appeal is so hard to explain. I usually comment on décor, food and service, 3 things you’re probably not going to find at 4S. But that becomes a case of judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Anyway the people who frequent the place wont be dissuaded by my post and those who don’t can’t be tortured into it. So I’m not going to use my usual format for 4S, instead here’s a bullet point list on how to navigate the place.
1. The answer to any question you may have at 4S is to keep drinking.

2. The guy at the next table did just use the term heteronormativity twice in one sentence.  Keep drinking.

3. If you must order food restrict yourself to the Masala Peanuts or anything dry, chicken and fried. I strongly recommend you keep drinking.

4. Do not embarrass yourself by trying to order an Appletini or anything which has more than 2 ingredients (i.e., booze + coke). They do an unexpectedly good Bloody Mary though.

5. Someone may or may not have spotted a dead rat in the girl’s loo. Let’s not make a thing of it. Keep drinking.

6. Be nice to the staff, they’re worth it.

4S is testament to the old adage that you can’t argue with destiny. Defence Colony Market is full up with cheap drinking holes with crappy bar food but the universe keeps us all coming back to 4S.