Once in a while, it feels like Murphy’s offensive legislation has been repealed and without any notice, for no apparent reason, life gives you a perfect moment. I had one such moment at Sakley’s freshly instituted acoustic Sunday Brunches.

With good company, abundant food and unlimited cocktails, I watched Prateek Kuhad try and fail to counter his image as young India’s interpretation of John Mayer. The long communal tables and cozy seating clusters keep the ambiance and Sakley’s tastefully trendy patrons lively and convivial. The limited seating keeps the scene from descending into familiar chaos under the siege of barbarian hordes.

It’s hard not to smile when being serenaded with a refreshing Meet Me in Montana Guava Mary and juicy Fish Croquettes at hand. The menu is simple, the emphasis here being on the attempt to create a more complete cafe culture in Delhi. Whether you go for the delicately thin crust Deer Ranch Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza, the excellent sangria or the acoustics, nobody is immune to so much pretty.

Obsessed with these Pretty Lights!
Obsessed with these Pretty Lights!
*some photos courtesy Sakleys