I don’t even know if I should be recommending that you get into this sordid bread baking business. It’s a terrible addiction. I’ve been elbow deep in flour each weekend since I started. I was at this party recently and all I was thinking about was if I get home early I can wake up early to bake these garlic rolls in time for lunch. These are rich, cheesy and gorgeously garlic-y rolls. Pair them with a thick soup for a simple, satisfying meal.
Anyway turns out even my blossoming addiction can’t wake me up early on a weekend but these rolls were delicious as a late afternoon snack.
Once again, many, many thanks to Food Wishes and Chef John:                                                 
I’ve said this before but I’m a huge fan of his video recipes – they really help break things down into simple steps and make unfamiliar recipes a lot less intimidating.
Some thoughts on this recipe:1. Don’t bother adhering to the garlic and cheese quantities prescribed – go ahead and load the dough down with as much garlic and cheese you can take or your conscience will permit.2. You can afford to be generous with the seasoning – it will all add up to a hot, cheesy, flavourful bun.

3. This is a bun basically flavoured bread. Not a roll or some sort of fancy pastry puff with stuffing so you’re going to need to pair it with something to make a meal of it.