Albert: “Oh, yes, sir. But alcohol sort of compensates for not getting them.”
― Terry Pratchett

I am so tired of restaurants and bars serving up offensively syrupy, chemically fuchsia drinks as appropriate for female customers. If one more bartender tries to coax me into ordering some impossibly sweet concoction I will wallop them.

I’m tossing the gaudy pink theme bartenders use for “girly” drinks because I hate that color and frankyly, I don’t why women got saddled with it. Here’s a drink that human beings should be drinking. Lovely peach, iced guava juice with the tang of black salt and some effervescence to lighten the whole thing up with a dash of vodka or white rum.


Makes 1 drink
Recipe made out of ingredients found in the fridge
What you’ll need:
30 ml vodka/white rum (optional)
3/4 cup guava juice
1/4 cup Sprite
Sprinkle of Black Salt
IceHow to:

Combine all ingredients and pour into glass. Sprinkle some more black salt on top. Serve chilled.

Foodnote: Alternatively you can rim the glass with Black Salt.


“We were not a hugging people. In terms of emotional comfort it was our belief that no amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well made cocktail.”
― David Sedaris, Naked
Trust me to spike something health gurus are falling over themselves trying to advocate. This crisp, golden cocktail is the perfect light and minty cocktail for brunch and lunch drinking and easy to put together in large batches.

In fact if you omit the dash of white rum/vodka you’ll have a very nutritious drink on your hands.


Makes 1 drink

Recipe from Sweet Paul

What you’ll need:

30 ml white rum
3/4 cup green tea (prepared and chilled)
2 tsp powdered sugar or honey
Juice of 1 lime
Mint leaves

How to:

Smash together lime juice, sugar and mint leaves. Add ice and rum. Pour in tea.


Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut – Ernest Hemingway

These are so simple, they’re perfect to put together for a movie night or any other low-fuss occassion. Either make a big batch and stick it in the fridge or lay out all the ingredients and let your guests fend for themselves. The addition of oranges and vanilla essence adds an interesting kick to the old favourite, the Rum and Coke.


Recipe from Martha Stewart
Serves 1
What you’ll need:

Vanilla Essence

How to:
Pile ice into a glass, pour Coke, add a tiny, tiny bit of vanilla essence and a squeeze of citrus. Garnish with a slice of lemon or orange and serve.


Why is the rum always gone?! – Jack Sparrow
This is a hardcore cold fix. Don’t try this recipe unless you feel a real threat of hypothermia. No I mean it. This is buttery, spicy and (very) heavy. If you haven’t reached that age where you worry about diet choices and eating meals at regular intervals this could be a meal. I’m pretty sure it’s the calorific equivalent of atleast 2 meals.But if like me you are stuck in a cold, cold place and have all the sweaters in your cupboard on your back this will fix you. Go out for a walk, take a deep breath of the cold winter air, run back indoors and drink some of this stuff.

What you’ll need (for 4 cups):8 teaspoons butter
1 tsp Cloves
1 tsp Cardamom
4 sticks Cinnamon
3 tablespoons sugar
1 ½ cup orange juice
Hot water

How to:1. Crush the cloves, cardamom and cinnamon to a powder.

2. Heat the butter in a pan and add the spices and sugar. Stir in well.

3. Drop a heaping tablespoon of the spice butter mixture into each cup.

4. Heat orange juice and water in a pan.

5. When ready to serve add rum to each cup and then top up with the hot water/juice mixture. Stir well and serve.



“his lips drink water
but his heart drinks wine”
― E.E. Cummings

So I was waiting to put together a series of posts on food and drink to make you feel better in the bitter winter except it was so cold out that I got lazy. Then day before yesterday the temperature started to rise and I realized that my recipes were going to become useless soon and Delhi would be back on its diet of Cucumber Coolers and Melon Martinis. So here’s me getting my act together while the temperatures stay low.

Again this is one of those indicative recipes. That’s why it’s called Cheater’s Mulled Wine. Actual Mulled Wine recipes tend to have a lot more stuff floating in the wine but it’s too cold for me to try to make the effort.

Feel free to mess around with the proportion till you find something that works for you. Also with the ingredients. I imagine you could do away with some of the ingredients below or add more of your own (maybe nutmeg?). You’ll see I’ve put in a lot of fruit options – go with whatever you have at hand, so either just one fruit or a combination of what  you have lying around. It will all work.

This is a wonderful drink to drink when you come back in from the cold. Put your feet up, get your book and have a furry, warm dog lying by your side while the mulled wine heats you inside out.

This is what I was looking at when I was drinking my Mulled Wine this winter.What you’ll need:

A bottle of wine (any will do but a red or deep fruit wine may take on the flavours better)
2 tbsp sugar (more if you want it sweeter)
1 cup fruit juice (ideally to match the flavor of the fruit you’re putting in but orange is a good failsafe)
3 -4 pods of Cardamom (crushed)
3 -4 sticks of Clove (crushed)
2 -3 sticks of Cinnamon
Oranges/ Pomegranate/ Lime (not lemons)/ Pineapple/ Apples (chopped)

How to:

1. Smash together the cardamom, clove and cinnamon. Keep some sticks of cinnamon aside to garnish your drink.

2. Pop all ingredients together in a pot and let sit for as long as you can.

3. When time to serve, place pot on stove and heat through. Make sure you don’t boil the mix because you’ll boil the alcohol away.

4. Once warmed through ladle into mugs and serve! I really like having some of the fruit pulp in my drink but check if your companions want the drink strained.